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Art and Fashion Photoshoot

Art and Fashion Photoshoot - Duality

This series is from a recent shoot with model Amy Jones. Lindsay Ambrosio ( was on hand to provide the makeup along with Tim Morehead, my studio partner, shooting behind the scenes video with my backup camera, the Canon EOS 7D.

We went from a series of beauty shots with a unique style of eye makeup Lindsay applied, to a “Mad Max” theme Lindsay came up with. A successful photo-shoot is truly a team effort. Tim also suggested the off center side cropping of Amy’s two sides and the resulting dual image above.

The beauty shots are a four light setup, the back light providing the background is a Speedotron in a large soft box. To either side are Alien Bees B800’s in strip boxes aimed at a tri-disk reflector system that has one disk in the middle (pointing up under the models chin) and two side reflectors on arms (reflecting the light from the strip boxes to the model’s cheeks). Above camera left, pointing down, is an Alien Bees B1600 firing through a gridded Beauty Dish.

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