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Bikini Fashion Photoshoot

DeHaven Digital Photography was commissioned to do a Bikini fashion photo-shoot for GlamModelz Magazinein Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Along with model Breezy, a video crew led by Jeff Zimmerman of M3 Films were on hand to document the occasion.

Rocky Mountain National Park is located approximately 70 miles outside of Metro Denver. The wide variety of Lakes, Mountain ranges and scenery available in altitudes from 8000 feet to 14,259 feet at the top of Longs Peak offers a perfect background for nature themed outdoor glamour and fashion photography.

Shooting outdoors with studio lighting added the extra fill light necessary and allowed Jeff DeHaven of DeHaven Digital Photography to achieve the shots you see in this post, and in the resulting model portfolio video below. In addition, Jeff Zimmerman’s behind the scenes compilation can be viewed below the model portfolio video.

By use of a portable power system created by Paul C. Buff, Inc. DeHaven Digital Photography is able to take outdoor portraits, fashion, and glamour photos to an entirely different level. Conventional SpeedLights mounted to the camera’s hot shoe can get wonderful results, but the power output from studio strobes offers the photographer shooting outdoors far more options, using large lighting modifiers and covering more of the scene with fill light.

In many of these shots, the sun was used as a rim or hair highlight, with fill provided by the Alien Bees B1600 firing through a “Beauty Dish” lighting modifier as primary fill light. The “Beauty Dish” is a large 22″ dish that has a reflective metal plate that blocks direct flash from hitting the subject, only allowing the reflected light from the inside of the dish.


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