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Mile High Sports Magazine “Snow Angels”

Denver Nuggets Dancer Emily, for Mile High Sports Magazine Snow Angels 2013

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC was once again commissioned by Mile High Sports Magazine and Dr. Gary M. Radz of Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado to produce a ten page advertisement spread that was featured in the December 2013 “Snow Angels” edition. The theme of the campaign focused on glamorous shots showcasing the model’s smile, dental work by Dr. Radz. Shot at two downtown Denver venues, Corridor 44 and Epernay Lounge, along with another shoot in downtown Littleton.

The models involved ranged from local celebrities, Denver Broncos Cheerleaders and Denver Nuggets Dancers. The campaign was shot in 3 days and delivered far in advance of the December publication.

Lindsay Ambrosio—“The Makeup Madame” provided makeup services, along with her assistant Rhi Aragon. Ed Gillespie of G3 provided hair services. Styling by Robin Carlin. Lastly Jeff DeHaven hired another photographer, Joe Acheé as lighting and key grip.

Advertising Photography at Corridor 44 Downtown Denver, shot for Mile High Sports Magazine Snow Angels 2013 Commercial Photography by DeHaven Digital Photography Denver Broncos Cheerleader, Candice, photographed at Corridor 44 in Downtown Denver
Commercial photography at Corridor 44, Downtown Denver, for Mile High Sports Magazine Commercial Photography of Denver Nuggets Dancer Brooke at Epernay Lounge, Downtown Denver Advertising Photography outside Epernay Lounge in Downtown Denver


Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants of Colorado

DeHaven Digital Photography was recently hired by the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants of Colorado to shoot their 2013-2014 advertising campaign. The photo-shoot occurred at the Fort Collins restaurant between 5AM and opening time of 11AM—shooting the entire campaign without disrupting normal business hours.
The initial shots were lifestyle oriented, with a cantina lighting theme.
Lifestyle photo for advertising campaign
Our team comprised model Jenna Balsley, makeup artist Lindsay Ambrosio, key grip James Cooper and assistant Rhi Aragon.

Photo shoot behind the scenes at the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

Seen below, changes in mood by lighting adjustments and the model’s expression.

Model Jenna with Strawberry Margaritas for Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants Ad Campaign

Lastly, we moved outside to capture the waterfall. One light with a 3’x4’ soft box to fill sunlight shadows.WebsizeIMG_4667


Valentine’s Day Photography Special

2013 Valentine's Day Special Photography Package Deal

Colorado Budoir and Glamour PhotogaphyWant to offer your significant other a gift that is unprecedented and uniquely you, why not give them a set of beautiful photographs they will cherish for years to come. Give a gift that you cannot purchase in a store, something personal and one that will last. DeHaven Digital Photography is offering a special photography package deal celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Take this opportunity to demonstrate love for your significant other with high quality boudoir, glamour or pin-up style photographs that preserve your beauty and vitality, show your partner just how much you love them with this intimate gift.

Package deals start at [this special has ended], including makeup by renowned artist Lindsay Ambrosio and captured by Jeff DeHaven of DeHaven Digital Photography. Your photos will be expertly edited and retouched, printed on professional photo paper or canvas, at any size you desire. Base package includes three edits, one printed on 8×10 photo paper. Additional edits and prints are available, including framing, photo books, calendars or whatever your heart desires. You choose your best shots via an online proofing gallery.

This limited time offer ends February 7th.

P.S. You can even order a video slide show like the one below!


North American Hairstyling Awards Submission Shots

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC was recently commissioned by a team of makeup artists and hair stylists comprised of Lindsay Ambrosio (MUA), her assistant Rhi Aragorn, Ed Gillespie (Hair) and Bobby Mitchell (Hair), to photograph submission shots for the North American Hairstyling Awards.

“The North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA) is the most prestigious photographic beauty competition in North America, celebrating the artistry and skill of the professional salon industry. Each year, individuals are recognized in 14 categories of excellence during a star-studded Awards Ceremony.”

The photographs represent a style of beauty with a touch of glamour, focusing on the hair and makeup with a splash of color added by the red glove theme throughout.

Click images below to enlarge

Mona - Beauty Shot Taylor - Beauty Shot Lorin - Beauty Shot Yana - Beauty Shot Crosby - Beauty Shot


December 2012 Snow Angels Ad Spread

Mile High Sports Magazine December 2012 Snow Angels Edition

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC was commissioned by Mile High Sports Magazine to produce photography for a 10 page ad spread for well renowned Dr. Gary M Radz and his cosmetic dental practice. This ad appeared in the December 2012 special “Snow Angel’s Edition” starting on page 88.

The scope of the photography project was beauty shots and smiles, showcasing some of Dr. Radz’s celebrity clientele. Featured in this multi-page ad were former Denver Nuggets Dancer and Denver Broncos Cheerleader- Sara Thompson, former Denver Broncos Cheerleader and current ESPN sideline reporter- Renee Herlocker, former Denver Nuggets Dancer- Nikki Piburn, former Denver Broncos Cheerleader- Candace Jones, Denver Nuggets Dancer- Emily Hendricks and local glamour model Jenna Mariah.

DeHaven Digital Photography was selected for this project based on Jeff DeHaven’s demonstrated expertise with beauty headshots and glamour photography.



Aerialist Video Shoot

Aerial Dance Featuring Katie Brunner from Jeff DeHaven on Vimeo.

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC along with studio partner Tim Morehead of Visual Ramblings produced the above video with Aerialist Katie Brunner using 60FPS slow motion photography shot with the Canon 5D MkIII and Canon 7D. Music by Redmann.


Commercial Photo-Shoot for International Jet

Beauty shot of BMW 5 series with Jet for Client International Jet

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC was recently hired to produce commercial photography work for Centennial Airport based “International Jet” an executive private jet charter reaching over 5,000 airports in the United States.

The scope of the project involved showcasing many of the private passenger jets, the facilities, hangar, and key personnel, along with demonstrating their signature personal touch given to each and every client. Built in 2003 International Jet is the largest private facility at Centennial Airport.

In order to capture the best tonal range between the sky, airplanes and vehicles for the beauty shots, the photographs were taken using bracketed exposures with intent to tone-map HDR (High Dynamic Range) combined images. The process involves setting the camera (Canon EOS 5D Mark III) to capture seven images using bracketed exposure mode which varies the shutter speed for each photo exposure to control the amount of light let in to the camera’s sensor. The aperture must remain the same to keep the depth of field consistent throughout the shots. Afterward, the images are combined using an application like Photomatix Pro to merge each of the different exposures into a single image with all the tonal range information from the varying exposures in-tact.

The action shots with the models and personnel are captured using a more conventional method—a slight amount of fill flash set to match the ambient light to remove harsh shadows and bring the subjects into clear view.

Local models Caleb Gardner and Erin Kelley were hired to play the parts of businessman, husband, wife and mother respectively. They brought their best and the resulting photographs are a testament to their professionalism.

During this shoot, the Eye-Fi Pro X2 SDHC card was utilized to send small JPEG files wirelessly to a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that the client was holding, watching the photographs appear as they were shot. This allowed the client to see the shots on a larger high quality screen and become an active participant directing the shoot.

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC is proud to showcase yet another satisfied client and a very successful collaboration with a multitude of individuals.  Photography is our passion, our business, and our motto “Look Your Best” applies to everything we produce.


Comissioned Photography for Cosni International

Cosni International LLC recently contacted DeHaven Digital Photography LLC requesting a license to commission a photograph for use in three trade shows, brochures and for their website. The photo was printed for the NACDS (National Association of Chain Drug Stores) and COSMOPROF trade shows in Denver and Las Vegas on an 8’ by 20’ Vinyl banner for use at booths in both trade shows showcasing product lines they represent and are distributors for.

The Denver trade show for NACDS was shown at the Colorado Convention Center located in Downtown Denver in a 584,000 sq. ft exhibit space, then at Las Vegas – Mandalay Bay for the COSMOPROF conference.

Cosni International LLC represents product lines for Vanilla Sugar, Tubbie, COCOCHE Cosmetics and NG Next Generation Perfumes for customers in drug, mass, grocery, dollar and specialty stores with top performing products at affordable pricing.

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC is proud to showcase yet another satisfied client. Photography is our passion, our business, and our motto “Look Your Best” applies to everything we produce.


Food Shots for Phở Bowlevard

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC was recently hired to produce photos for Littleton, Colorado based restaurant Phở Bowlevard Vietnamese Grill. The scope of the project was to shoot four of the main dishes and condiments intended for large window decal prints that face Platte Canyon Road aiding in the restaurant’s curb appeal along with visibility from the roadside.

Phở Bowlevard Vietnamese Grill is a family owned and operated business located at 5950 South Platte Canyon Road, Suite A-1 in Littleton, Colorado. They are open every day from 11AM to 9PM. serving a wide variety of traditional Vietnamese Cuisine all the way to Japanese Sushi. Phở Bowlevard Vietnamese Grill isa highly recommended healthy restaurant with something to offer everyone, also a personal favorite of DeHaven Digital Photography and staff.  They are a sponsor for many local events and organizations like and every year put on quite a Dragon Dance show for Chinese New Year (Spring Festival).

The window decals were printed and installed by Shane Reynolds, owner of Image Wraps, specializing in wide format printing such as vehicle wraps, custom graphics, wall murals, banners, decals and canvas printing.

DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC is proud to feature yet another successful collaboration and satisfied client. Photography is our passion, our business, and our motto “Look Your Best” applies to everything we produce.

Food Shots for Pho Bowlevard installed as Window Decals for Advertisment


Canon EOS 5D MkIII – First Impressions

I finally received the Canon EOS 5D MkIII after ordering mid-April.  There are plenty of technical reviews available on the web, so I thought I would share my first impressions from a photographer’s viewpoint and one upgrading from the 5D MkII (Which I still have, but will transition more to use as a second camera and backup).

Canon EOS 5D Mark III mode dial lock buttonThe first thing I noticed was a button on top of the mode dial switch that keeps the current selected mode locked in.  This is a welcome change that was initially introduced by Canon as a send in addition to the 5D MkII and the 7D. Often times I have had the mode dial move from M (Manual) to B (Bulb) mode when the afore mentioned cameras were slung over my shoulder and moving around caused the dial to brush up against hip and thigh.  A few years ago I ran into an Associated Press photographer that had created a makeshift shield around the mode dial to prevent exactly the same behavior.  With the new mode lock button, these unintentional adjustments are a thing of the past.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III back, showing the multifunction dial, multifunction switch and live view/movie shooting switchThe overall layout is similar to the 7D, with the on/off switch positioned just behind the mode dial, where previously it sat near the bottom back right along with the multi-function lock switch. Also included is the Q (Quick Menu) button, which was previously (on the 5D MkII) accessed by pushing in the Multi-Controller button.  Also borrowed from the 7D is the Live View shooting/Movie shooting switch with the recording start/stop button in the middle. The magnify button now relies on the top main dial to zoom in and out once pressed. I have seen a number of reviews where the reviewer(s) were unhappy that the top two buttons are no longer associated with zooming in or out. Perhaps it was due to reading these reviews before receiving the camera and it was not a surprise, however; I find this change a welcome one as it is not necessary to use two separate buttons that are roughly in the same vicinity as the dial button—I can simply dial right or left to zoom in or out.

The viewfinder is bigger and shows a full 100% view of the frame—no more guessing about the outermost edges. There is no longer an option to change the focusing screen, as the MkIII includes an LCD layout with various overlays (focus points, grid displays, etc…).  In essence Canon has taken the best features of the 7D and incorporated it into the 5D MkIII – including the design and contour of the hand grip.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III Shutter, Main Dial, M-Fn and top buttons.I could go on and on about the controls, the addition of the 7D’s M-Fn (Multifunction button), the much smarter placement of the DOF (Depth of Field) preview button to the right side, but the immediate reaction and revelation I had was once the shutter button was pressed.  The Canon 5D MkIII is FAST—like a hair trigger pistol!  Shutter lag has gone from 73ms down to 59ms. Seeing that number on paper, one would hardly think a human being would perceive the difference of 14 milliseconds—but it IS more than noticeable.  Combine this with the (at this time) most advanced 61 point autofocus system in a 35mm DSLR and you have one solid performing reliable image capturing machine.

Example outdoor shot with model Bri using the Canon 5D Mark III

Model: Bri  MUA: Lindsay Ambrosio (

Also noteworthy—and perhaps this applies more to portrait and model photographers like myself—the addition of a “Rating” button that applies a one to five “star” rating to the image EXIF data has proven tremendously helpful while showing the subjects the preview images on the back LCD screen. The results can be seen in Adobe Lightroom, Canon’s Digital Photo Professional, presumably ACDsee when an update comes out for the 5D MkIII raw format, or any other application that reads standard EXIF data. I have seen a number of reviews cursing this additional button as useless, but I beg to differ.

The shutter itself is quieter along with a jump in burst mode from 3.9fps (frames per second) to 6fps. Not quite as fast as the 7D’s 8fps, but for a full frame high resolution (22.3 up from the 5D MkII’s 21.1 megapixels) camera, it’s a significant increase.

There are far more in-depth and technical reviews available, however; my first impressions both in the studio and outdoors for the few days I have owned it thus far have more than adequately squashed any notion or hint of buyer’s remorse.  The auto focus, low light focusing capability, reduction in high ISO noise, improved ergonomics and just the “feel” of this new addition to Canon’s lineup make a superb choice for professional photographers in a wide gamut of genres, from the studio to the streets and beyond.

Oh, I am still waiting on the BG-11 battery grip/vertical shooting handle which should be available at the end of May—this will make the ergonomics more than perfect.

An example studio shot with model Amy using the Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Model: Amy MUA: Lindsay Ambrosio (

Key Points:

  • 22.3 Megapixel CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) sensor.
  • Digic 5+ imaging processor.
  • ISO 100 – 25,600 (expandable to 50 – 102,400)
  • High density 61 point reticular autofocus.
  • 100% viewfinder.
  • 6.0fps (frames per second).
  • 3.2” ClearView II LCD.
  • Dual CF (Compact Flash) + SD (Secure Digital) card slots.
  • Multiple exposure capable.
  • HDR in camera shooting.
  • Dual-axis electronic level.
  • Ability to micro-focus adjust both wide and telephoto ends of zoom lenses, along with serial number recognition for specific lens corrections.
  • Peripheral illumination correction along with color-fringe (chromatic aberration) correction based on lens data.
  • Embedded time code option for video (SMPTE).
  • Stereo headphone jack (monitor audio levels while shooting video).