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Chelsea, GLAMMODELZ Magazine by DeHaven Digital Photography

GLAMMODELZ Magazine is proud to present Denver, Colorado published model Chelsea R. Photography by Jeff DeHaven of DeHaven Digital Photography, makeup and hair by Lindsay Ambrosio.

Colorado model Chelsea for GLAMMODELZ Magazine, photos by DeHaven Digital PhotographyGM: Welcome to GLAMMODELZ Magazine Chelsea. How did you first begin modeling and what sort of experience have you gained?

Chelsea:I was lucky enough to grace the cover of the second edition of American Beauty Denver this month. The experience and exposure opened doors for more wonderful opportunities including being honored to grace the pages of GLAMMODELZ!

GM: Being a relative new-comer were you surprised to be considered by two magazines so early on? Do you have aspirations to make a career of modeling?

Chelsea: Yes, I was pleasantly surprised to be considered for even one, so I feel extremely fortunate to be able to participate in two incredible magazines. I am determined to continue to progress and flourish in my modeling career.

GM: As our featured “Valentine’s Day Model” can you tell us any interesting stories related to Valentine’s Day?

GLAMMODELZ Model Chelsea by Jeff DeHaven - DeHaven Digital Photography, LLC.Chelsea: Honestly, I am usually single on Valentine’s Day. However, one of the most special and memorable V-day’s was a few years back with my boyfriend at the time. He surprised me by bringing me to a jewelry store where we picked out something together. We then spent the night reminiscing about good memories!

GM: In your session with Jeff DeHaven of DeHaven Digital Photography, he mentioned that you were a natural- that you were able to pose creatively and change position with every frame. How did you learn this and do you have any advice to offer new models?

Chelsea: With no proper training, I practice in front of the mirror quite a bit and get new ideas from anything I see. My best advice to anyone posing for any camera is if it feels awkward, 9 times out of 10, it will look awkward.

GM: Tell us a little about yourself. What do you like to do for recreation? What interests you- your favorite books, personal influences, music, or ideas?

Chelsea: I am a laid back girl living life by the golden rule. Treat others how you wish to be treated and it will come back to you. I love scary movies and life changing books. My favorite book, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” inspired my first tattoo (on my hip.) I also enjoy hiking in our beautiful Rocky Mountains and swimming whenever I get the chance.

GM: Do you have any fashion advice for models—favorite places to buy clothing, shoes, makeup, etc…?

Chelsea: Be comfortable being yourself! And if you want good products try Sephora, Guess, The Buckle, and Bakers.

GM: What are your favorite features of yourself?

Chelsea: My dark brown eyes!

Height: 5’7”
Weight: 105 lbs
Dress size: 0-1
Shoe size: 7
Hair color: Brown/Brunette
Hair Length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Experience: Published Professional

Hair and Makeup by Lindsay Ambrosio of

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