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Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants of Colorado

DeHaven Digital Photography was recently hired by the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants of Colorado to shoot their 2013-2014 advertising campaign. The photo-shoot occurred at the Fort Collins restaurant between 5AM and opening time of 11AM—shooting the entire campaign without disrupting normal business hours.
The initial shots were lifestyle oriented, with a cantina lighting theme.
Lifestyle photo for advertising campaign
Our team comprised model Jenna Balsley, makeup artist Lindsay Ambrosio, key grip James Cooper and assistant Rhi Aragon.

Photo shoot behind the scenes at the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant

Seen below, changes in mood by lighting adjustments and the model’s expression.

Model Jenna with Strawberry Margaritas for Rio Grande Mexican Restaurants Ad Campaign

Lastly, we moved outside to capture the waterfall. One light with a 3’x4’ soft box to fill sunlight shadows.WebsizeIMG_4667

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